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Woburn's STRIDE
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History of STRIDE

STRIDE's immediate history is quite short. The club known as STRIDE at Woburn was formally organized last school year (04/05) for all those interested in joining. As with most clubs, there were about twenty interested the first week, and around five the next. We continued to do all we could to hold the new club together and gain new members, but for the most part, 04/05 was a behind-the-scenes year.
This year, 05/06, the club seems to have more strength. There are a few more members along with those loyal from last year. Interest is growing as we organize more fun events and participate in more province- or nation-wide activities.
The longer-term history of Woburn's STRIDE isn't widely known. It seems that the acronym STRIDE (Students Towards Reducing Impaired Driving Everywhere), which would have been impossible to come up with, was stumbled upon in an old yearbook. How old, it is currently unknown, but seems to be from about 10 years ago. This shows us that STRIDE existed long before any of its current members even began attending Woburn, leaving a couple questions in mind - when did i start? Who's idea was it? Why did it fall apart those years ago? As more information becomes available, this segment of the site will be updated.

Our Charter

The basic goal ("mission") of STRIDE is to the increase awareness of and decrease the practice of impaired driving. We do this by organizing events such as Mocktail days and participating in larger events such as NSAID (National Students Against Impaired Driving) Day. We offer information to anyone interested and are always acceting new members into the club.


There are four highly dedicated members of STRIDE that organize most  of the events, run the meetings, and make announcements. There is of course the President, the Vice President, me (creator of the website and pretty much the only person with ideas - well, not really, but giving myself credit is fun) and another member who shows up for every meeting and helps run every event. At the moment, I do not have permission to post names other than my own, so for now, none will be posted.


No photo of STRIDE's members is available at this time.