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Welcome to Woburn's STRIDE (Students Towards Reducing Impaired Driving Everywhere) website, version 2.0. The first website didn't work out so well, so let's see how this one goes! If you are a member of STRIDE or are interested in becoming one, check back on the site at least once a week, because we (the administrative members of STRIDE) will make effort to update the site at least that often.

STRIDE organizes events and information sessions at school. You may remember the Mocktails that have been sold at various times throughout the school year, or presentations that have been made. Perhaps you've even caught an announcement about a meeting or upcoming event. We also have a Public Health nurse that comes in once or twice a year to teach us more about the effects of impaired driving and help up organize games for the school.
Coming to STRIDE meetings is fun. They're never long, boring or tedious. We talk about how to spread information, what events we want to run, about how to improve our circulation, and how to draw new members. STRIDE is still a fairly new club at Woburn and is still in the beginning stages of its popularity. As an added bonus to all members, however, meetings you attend and events you participate in will go towards your community hours.

this car used to be a Porsche...
...but someone drunk took it for a spin